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Planned Improvements

Exterior view of property on snowy hills at Tahoe Ridge Resort in Stateline, Nevada.Exterior view of property on snowy hills at Tahoe Ridge Resort in Stateline, Nevada.

Stay Up to Date on Renovations

We want to make sure you stay in the know on the latest renovation projects. We’ll be updating this page with information about in progress and upcoming projects, including locations and tentative schedules once we have them.

Pool and Hot Tub Renovations

Tentative Schedule:

  • Knoll Swimming Pool Resurfacing: COMPLETE
  • Plaza Hot Tubs: COMPLETE
  • Cascade Hot Tubs: COMPLETE
  • Pointe Hot Tub: COMPLETE
  • Knoll Hot Tub: COMPLETE
  • Naegle 10, 12 Hot Tub: COMPLETE
  • Naegle 11 Hot Tub: In progress
  • Tower Hot Tub: In progress
  • Crest Hot Tub: In progress

Project Details: In a recent inspection, nearly all hot tubs were identified for improvements to meet local safety code requirements, and some are at the end of their useful life requiring replacement. We are working with vendors in the region to complete these requirements and reopen the hot tubs as soon as possible for your enjoyment. However, ongoing delays are possible as we navigate the post-COVID environment that has caused a shortage of materials and vendor workforce, extended lead times, and increased freight and material costs.

When completed, your pools and hot tubs will be safer and sturdier than ever as we’re incorporating the latest technologies to meet regulatory requirements.

Outdoor pool surrounded by trees and pool chairs at Tahoe Ridge Resort in Stateline, Nevada.

Tower and Plaza Window Renovation

All windows for the Tower and Plaza buildings have been replaced. This completes all current window projects at the Ridge.

Small child looking out window to view Sierra Nevada Mountains at Tahoe Ridge Resort in Stateline, Nevada.

Project Details: The windows in the Plaza and the Tower buildings were identified as being at the end of their useful life and in urgent need of replacement. In the past few years, several windows have been blown from their casings and have fallen to the ground because of high mountain winds, creating an unsafe environment.

In addition to increasing safety at the resort, the new windows will improve unit comfort throughout the year by reducing ambient room temperatures in the summer.

Villa Renovations

Note: Please refer to type of renovation (A,B,C and D) descriptions below under Project Details.

  • Naegle Buildings: COMPLETE
    AB Renovation
    60 Units

  • Ridge Crest Building: COMPLETE
    AB Renovation
    24 Units

  • Ridge Pointe Building: COMPLETE
    ABC Renovation
    26 Units

Project Details: We’re thrilled to announce upcoming villa interior renovations at Tahoe Ridge Resort that will update more than 100 villas across the resort.

Each year, a portion of your maintenance fee is saved in a Reserve Fund that’s used to pay for resort upkeep, such as replacing water boilers, updating roofing and updating villas.

We know the interior design of villas matters, and we take planning for these updates seriously. Your interior design team is committed to incorporating the outdoor beauty of South Lake Tahoe into the interior design scheme. They’ve used colors from the local flora and fauna to inspire the interior finishes, they’ve partnered with local Lake Tahoe artists, and they have used their artwork to create a warm, functional and distinctly local mountain design in each villa, all while fitting within the Reserve Fund’s budget.

While we plan to have all renovations complete as soon as possible, some delays are likely as we navigate the post-COVID environment that has caused a shortage of materials and vendor workforce, extended lead times, and increased freight and material costs. Stay tuned for additional updates.

There are four types of renovations that are scheduled to keep your villas performing well:

  • Type A renovation – Type A renovations occur on a six-year cycle and include interior paint, unit accessories and the replacement of soft goods such as furniture upholstery, window treatments, carpet, floor coverings, bedding, etc.
  • Type B renovation – Type B renovations are performed every 12 years and cover the replacement of furniture and case goods, housewares, linens, home electronics and other miscellaneous items.
  • Type C renovation – Type C renovations are completed on an 18-year cycle and include the replacement of all cabinets, tiles, floors, countertops, plumbing fixtures and major appliances, etc.
  • Type D renovation – Type D renovations include items that are not dependent on the replacement of other items to maintain a consistent decor. These include items such as doors, windows, fixtures and hardware. Type D items are replaced on an as-needed basis depending on their estimated useful life.

Come back to this page for the latest updates on these projects, as well as other upcoming planned renovations.