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How Does Vacation Ownership Work?

Family of four floating down lazy river at Cape Canaveral Beach Resort in Florida.Family of four floating down lazy river at Cape Canaveral Beach Resort in Florida.

How Does Vacation Ownership Work?

When people think of vacation ownership, they think of buying a specific week at a specific resort or location to use when they vacation. This is known as a ‘fixed’ week. While that’s not wrong, just like everything, vacation ownership has changed.

Today, vacation ownership, previously known as “timeshare”, uses points-based programs that offer owners more flexibility when they travel. Owners can use points toward a variety of vacations without having to stick to the same resort during the same week every year.

Fixed Week vs. Points System Options

“Old-school” timeshares have experienced quite a shift since points were introduced. Traditional fixed week timeshares provided accommodations for only one specific week at one resort. This limited the owner’s choices when it came to locations, and they were at the mercy of inclement weather or calendar conflicts.

Family of four walking to beach from Cape Canaveral Beach Resort in Florida.

How Do Vacation Ownership Points Work?

This brings us to vacation ownership points. Points-based programs have revolutionized the industry and provide owners way more flexibility to travel how they want.

When you purchase a vacation ownership, you’re purchasing a real estate interest which provides you annual points to use toward vacations. How many points you’ll need for each vacation depends on when and where you travel and in the type of accommodations you stay. It’s just like if you paid out of pocket, but you’re locking in today’s rates so you’ll have a better idea of how much future vacations will cost.

Also, for vacation ownership affiliated with larger hotel companies, you can exchange your points for trips to their partner hotels.

How Long are Vacation Ownership Contracts?

Vacation ownership help you enjoy more vacations more often and help you save on future accommodations by locking in today’s rates. We believe you’ll love vacationing with us, but we never want you to feel stuck.

Purchasing with us comes with a rescission period, or cancelation window, just in case. This period is typically between 3-10 days, but the exact timeframe varies by state law and will be specifically listed on your purchase contract.

Once the rescission period ends, owners without a mortgage have safe, easy and secure options for exiting ownership. Owners with a mortgage can work with us to explore ways to resell or exit their ownership. If you do not choose rescission or one of these methods of exiting ownership, a vacation ownership contract will last a lifetime.

family at Lake Tahoe near David Walley's Resort in Genoa, NV.

Vacation Ownership Assessment Fees & Costs

Just like what you’d find when owning your home, vacation ownership comes with upkeep and costs. These assessment “fees” are used for repairing, renovating and enhancing the resorts you’ll be vacationing at. We stick to set Homeowner’s Association schedules for all maintenance and renovations, including villa décor every six or seven years.

When you buy our vacation ownership interest, your Club membership is included in your purchase price. To remain a Club member, annual dues are $169 per year from the date of your purchase. Being a Club member gives you access to our partner networks, priority booking, MAXtime discounted travel deals, VIP Experiences and more.

  • Pools and other shared amenities

  • Lounges, lobbies and common areas

  • Landscaping, roads and parking lots

  • Villas and villa buildings

  • Onsite activities and seasonal experiences

How Do I Become a Club Member?

Check out the different ways you can learn about the Club and become a member.

Request Membership Info

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Book a Vacation Package Trip

Get exclusive savings on a 4-day, 3-night getaway to participating resorts and partner hotels when you buy a preview package.
Explore Vacation Deals

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Rent a Resort Villa

Just like you would with a hotel, you can book our resorts online. Make a reservation, stay with us and see what you’ve been missing!
Book Your Stay

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Connect with Us Virtually

Learn about all the benefits of Club membership without leaving your home. All you have to do is call one of our Virtual Consultants!
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Member Testimonials

Prompt service, very accommodating. That is why we are Club Members. Members since 1999. We love Holiday (Inn Club) Vacations. Great organization.

Linda M.

I truly have confidence in the Holiday Inn Club Vacation Counselors. They have been so kind and patient and extremely helpful, such a comfort to a new member.  Thank you!

Charles S.

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