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Simple Ways to Maximize Your Club Membership: Meet Our Virtual Team!

Posted June 21, 2022

David Greenstein

David is the Director of Corporate Sales at Holiday Inn Club Vacations, having joined our travel family in 2019. Growing up with parents who worked in the timeshare industry, David graduated with a hospitality degree from the University of Central Florida and started his career in 2000. When he’s not busy thinking up innovative ways to help our Club members, David enjoys traveling with his wife. His favorite vacation memory was visiting Phuket, Thailand, with a group of close friends for a wedding.

We’re personally committed to making vacationing and planning with us as easy as possible, always finding new, revolutionary ways for members to keep enjoying wonderful family vacations.

That’s why we rolled out an entirely virtual way for current Well Vacationed Club members, and those interested in joining the Well Vacationed, to meet with the friendly faces of our sales team and learn more about how to make the most of their membership.

Today, we’re talking to David Greenstein, Director of Corporate Sales, about how Club members and those interested in membership have access to a super-easy, from-your-couch option to meet with our Virtual Consultants!

Read on to get valuable insights David has for easily maximizing membership and joining our amazing community of Well Vacationed travel lovers.

Mother and son in lazy river at Cape Canaveral Beach Resort in Florida. Cape Canaveral Beach Resort in Cape Canaveral, Florida

Start by telling us about you and your experience with vacation ownership.

Hi, my name is David Greenstein, and I’m the Director of our Corporate Sales team at Holiday Inn Club Vacations®.

My parents worked in the industry when I was growing up, and I always had a passion for traveling. I was a hospitality major at the University of Central Florida, where I would go to class in the morning and work in vacation ownership in the afternoons.

I’ve been in the industry since 2000, where I held various roles. I worked in front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house positions, onsite sales, phone sales, as well as managing several award-winning sales teams.

In 2019, I was given the ability to create and lead our brand-new Virtual Sales department here at Holiday Inn Club Vacations.

What all does your team do?

Our consultants offer personalized services for Club members who are looking to add to or upgrade their membership, which we can do both over the phone and through email. We also work with new members who are joining our vacation ownership Club for the first time!

How has your team played a part in transforming vacation ownership over the years?

We’ve created a more personalized experience over the phone and through screensharing technology (aka virtual calls), where our Virtual Consultants can show each person exactly how many Club Points they need to accomplish their vacation goals and where their membership can take them in the future.

We can also discuss costs and explain more of the flexibility their membership offers.

What’s really exciting is that now, we can speak to people while they’re in the comfort of their own home or office with our new virtual option!

A man wearing a navy t-shirt sits at the kitchen countertop with his laptop while holding a pen. South Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

It can be on their schedule, and we can send all the information we talked about in a follow-up email for them. This really gives people the ability to review our membership options and make a sound decision when they’re ready.

And if they want to become a member, we’ll send everything they need to do so directly to them.

What can Virtual Consultants do for members and people interested in joining the Club?

All our Virtual Consultants have an active real estate license and the knowledge and skills they need to talk to our members and go over the best options available to them.

They have all been a part of this industry for many years and know the ins and outs of how our program works, as well as how to manage exchanges through our global partners.

They’re able to:

  • Personalize recommendations to fit your needs
  • Go over the benefits of our new VIP levels
  • Show you new ways to maximize your Club membership that you might not have known about
  • Add on to or upgrade your membership
  • And offer you the best possible price available for upgrading or joining — all over phone and email!

A woman and man bring green and blue suitcases into a villa bedroom. Villages Resort in Flint, Texas

What’s the process like for members to update or upgrade their membership level?

It’s very easy! In only 10–15 minutes, we’ll:

  • Review your account
  • Talk about your vacation goals
  • Show you the best option to achieve those goals
  • Go over pricing
  • And send a personalized email to recap what we talked about

We can do everything in one call, or several calls, around your time and schedule!

All you need to do is give us a call at (888) 921-1686 and one of our Virtual Consultants can help answer your questions and get you upgraded — right from your favorite spot in your home (feel free to grab a snack and get comfortable)!

Four children in pajamas and a woman in jeans and a sweater cuddle on the couch. Tahoe Ridge Resort in Lake Tahoe, Nevada

What have members said about their experiences with Virtual Consultants so far?

We’ve been hearing some great reviews from our members who love this simple, flexible way to learn more about and maximize their membership. Here are some testimonials they’ve shared with us.

“Over the past year, I’ve needed more personal attention … I use my timeshare with Holiday Inn Club Vacations to address my small company’s needs. I try to create two to four ‘meetings’ throughout the year where members of my team get together in person. With COVID and the remote situation over the past several years, it was time to get the team together this past year …

I also needed additional Points at the beginning of the year (to address aforementioned travel planning). James J. helped break down my options via phone and email. The detail was perfectly crafted and easy to digest. Our decision was made … and James J. quickly completed the transaction…” — Sam

A woman and young boy watch as a man helps a young boy tee up on a mini golf course outdoors. Galveston Seaside Resort in Galveston, Texas

“My wife and I [became Owners] with Orange Lake back in 2007 while I was serving in the United States Army. After retiring in 2013, we started using our ownership more, and realized we can only go every other year. We were so disappointed because we have this timeshare but were unable to go on vacation when we really wanted to …

One day, I decided to reach out and I spoke with Vicki G. She went over many different membership [options] with me, and the one that accommodated [our] budget was Prime membership. She explained to me that splitting the membership [between] Signature [and Prime] would [also] allow us to reserve Signature [Collection] rooms.

To make a long story short, my family and I have been very happy with our new membership, and now more excited about going on vacation…

Many people have their opinion about timeshares … and I can say that since we’ve upgraded, it seems like we’ve been on more vacations with longer stays in 2021 than from 2007 to 2020, and now I can reserve 10 months out, wow!!!

I want to say thank you to Vicki … and the whole Florida team. Now I’m able to really enjoy vacations with my family.” — Jeff

The Godfrey family emerges from our zero entry pool in swimwear in River Island at our Orange Lake resort located in Orlando, FL. Orange Lake Resort in Orlando, Florida

Check out more Club resources and stories from real members:

If someone’s interested in joining the Club, what do they need to know?

How easy it is to join! We ask a few questions about how you vacation, go over who Holiday Inn Club Vacations is, tell you about our values, and explain exactly how our program works.

Then we personalize our program to fit your needs, talk about pricing and incentives to join and email the information for you to review at your own pace.

You can give us a simple “yes!” or “no.”

And if the answer is “yes,” once you decide how many points you want to own, we’ll work on getting the information we need to create your account.

We go through our checklist to make sure you understand costs associated with your vacation ownership. Then we set up an appointment for one of our closing specialists to walk you through the documents. If financed, we send a notary to you to complete the process.

A few weeks later, once your contract is complete, you can start planning your first vacation as a Club member!

Three young boys wearing all their swimwear, jump into the pool near our water slides at our Scottsdale Resort. Scottsdale Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona

What are new members saying about their experiences with joining the Club?

Similar to our current Club members, we’ve heard really positive sentiments about the ease of joining the Club.

“Our Holiday Inn Club Vacations experiences are so memorable! The resorts are a great place to unwind with family and working with Karen J. to find the right ownership level has been great. She is very accommodating to our needs and hospitable to our travel interests. Many thanks to her and her team!” — Scott

A man and woman in swimwear lounge near an outdoor pool. Oak n’ Spruce Resort in South Lee, Massachusetts

Where can anyone interested in learning more reach your team?

You can call us directly at (888) 921-1686 and check out our digital brochure.

One final question for fun: What’s your top favorite vacation memory?

In 2009, my wife and I traveled with a group of friends to Phuket, Thailand, for a wedding. We spent 10+ days in Phuket, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Macau, enjoying the beaches, go-kart racing, sailing, and sightseeing. This was our first time in Asia, and we got to experience it with some of our closest friends.

Several docked wooden boats on a beach near an ocean and cliffside rock formations.

We know that vacation memories like David’s are so special to everyone – members, owners, and our own family of travel experts.

That’s why we’re always finding ways to make your vacation travels EASY! Our addition of a virtual option is just one of the many ways we do that.

Keep checking back right here on our Checking In blog for more Club membership tips, call our team to join or upgrade your membership (from a cozy spot in your home), book your next vacation, and then kick back and relax!

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David Greenstein

David is the Director of Corporate Sales at Holiday Inn Club Vacations, having joined our travel family in 2019. Growing up with parents who worked in the timeshare industry, David graduated with a hospitality degree from the University of Central Florida and started his career in 2000. When he’s not busy thinking up innovative ways to help our Club members, David enjoys traveling with his wife. His favorite vacation memory was visiting Phuket, Thailand, with a group of close friends for a wedding.