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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have questions around the re-opening process of our resort network. To provide more information around this process, please see some frequently asked questions listed below. Our team will keep this page updated as we continue to move forward.

Last updated Thursday, May 28th, 2020 to reflect additional resort re-opening dates:

When is Holiday Inn Club Vacations re-opening its resort network?
We took our first steps toward re-opening the resort network by opening our Smoky Mountain Resort in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and South Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Thursday, May 21, 2020. Additionally, 17 more resorts are now open or scheduled to open:

  • Orange Lake Resort – now open
  • Cape Canaveral Beach Resort – now open
  • Galveston Beach Resort – Thursday, June 4
  • Galveston Seaside Resort – Thursday, June 4
  • Hill Country Resort – Thursday, June 4
  • Orlando Breeze Resort – Monday, June 8
  • Desert Club Resort Resort – Tuesday, June 9
  • Holiday Hills Resort – Tuesday, June 9
  • Scottsdale Resort – Tuesday, June 9
  • Williamsburg Resort – Tuesday, June 9
  • Apple Mountain Resort – Thursday, June 11
  • David Walley’s Resort – Thursday, June 11
  • Holly Lake Resort – Thursday, June 11
  • Tahoe Ridge Resort – Thursday, June 11
  • Villages Resort – Thursday, June 11
  • Sunset Cove Resort – Thursday, June 11
  • Panama City Beach Resort – Friday, June 12

The opening dates for all remaining Holiday Inn Club Vacations resorts are still being finalized. Please note: any resort not listed above will not open prior to June 15, an update from the previously estimated date of June 10. We apologize for any impacts this may have to your current travel plans and appreciate your patience as we continue working to safely and effectively open our resorts.

As you can see, our company is using a staggered approach when re-opening the entire resort network, which means our locations will open on different dates. To determine the earliest possible date each resort can safely and effectively re-open, we are constantly evaluating all external factors that impact opening, such as the government directives and health guidelines. At this time, we expect that most of our resorts will be able to open in June; however, these plans may change due to the uncertainty around the Coronavirus pandemic.

I have a reservation at a resort that is scheduled to re-open, but the resort will still be closed at the start date of my reservation. Will my reservation be automatically modified?

Due to evolving guidance from health and government officials, along with our company’s new safety and cleanliness standards, some resorts will not re-open prior to June 15. We recognize that a resort’s re-opening date may interfere with your existing reservation and apologize for this inconvenience.

We will not automatically change dates on any upcoming reservations. If you still plan on visiting the resort, you must call our Owner Support teams to modify your reservation dates. Please use one of the numbers below:

  • (877) 606-2582 – Club members
  • (888) 657-3529 – Non-Club member owners

If you do not connect with our teams to modify the dates, your reservation will be automatically canceled prior to your arrival date.

How are you determining which resorts can re-open and which resorts will remain closed?
As we re-open our resorts, the safety of our guests, owners and team members is our top priority. While we are eager to welcome families back to all our resorts, it is important that locations only open when 1.) health and government officials have lifted restrictions in the local area and are in support of resumed travel, and 2.) our company’s new standards and procedures around safety and cleanliness can be implemented without sacrificing the experience for guests and owners.

We understand that this strategy leaves various factors outside of our control. For example, if supply chain delays will result in a shortfall of personal sanitization equipment for our guests and owners, the resort’s opening could be delayed. While this approach adds a lot of layers to our re-opening process, we believe it is necessary to ensure resorts do not open until they are allowed to open, and are clean and enjoyable.

Why are some resorts unavailable for summer bookings through the member website?
Our team is assessing the current occupancy levels at some locations to ensure the number of guests and owners at our resorts at any given time aligns with our new safety and distancing measures. If you are still interested in booking a resort that is unavailable online, please connect with our team by calling (877) 606-2582.

I have a reservation at a resort that is re-opening but cannot travel and need to cancel it. How can I cancel my reservation?
Club members may cancel a reservation by calling (877) 606-2582. If you are not a Club member and need assistance with an upcoming reservation, you can connect with our teams at one of the numbers below:

  • (888) 657-3529 – Non-Club member owners
  • (844) 428-7829 – IHG resort guests
  • (800) 353-1966 – Vacation package guests

When resorts re-open, what changes can guests and owners expect?
We’ve developed a program, Safe Travels, that “checks the boxes” on the higher safety and cleanliness standards to deliver trusted stays for our guests and owners. Safe Travels brings many new and enhanced practices to the resorts that provides an extra level of cleanliness and sanitization, along with responsible spacing and distancing. Additionally, the program empowers all individuals – guests, owners and team members – to do their part to stay safe.

If you’re interested in learning more about Safe Travels and the resort-level implementations, please visit our Safe Travels Checklist.

Amenities or certain public areas at re-opened resorts may be closed or restricted to comply with local guidelines and company standards. You can find the latest information and updates on resorts and various amenities at our Resort & Amenities Updates page. This page will be frequently updated, so we encourage you to visit it regularly.

Why are maintenance fees collected while resorts are closed?
Maintenance fees are based on a resort’s annual budget, which considers all expenses associated with operating and preserving the property, and approved by the Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Board of Directors. Even if a resort is closed, there are many expenses that continue to be incurred, such as property taxes, maintenance of common areas like the grounds and pools, insurance, security and utilities.

Additionally, our teams have used this unexpected resort closure period to complete various maintenance and deep cleaning projects that would be difficult to execute (or require more resources) if guests and owners were on property. This ensures the resort will be even better prepared to welcome guests and owners once it re-opens.

If there is a surplus of funds at the end of year, your HOA Board of Directors will determine how to use funds in a manner that will best serve the interest of all owners and the resort.

Will Holiday Inn Club Vacations restrict travelers from high-risk areas, like New York City, from checking into its resorts?
It is the traveler’s responsibility to follow any government orders or restrictions applicable to them. Per Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis, individuals who enter the state from an area with substantial community spread, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Louisiana, must self-quarantine for 14 days from the time of entry or the duration of the person’s stay.